The Many Benefits of Luxury Restroom Trailers

Whether you are planning a corporate event, wedding, or concert, outdoor events are a great way for your guests to enjoy some fresh air and relax. Although outdoor events tend to be more casual, hosting one can be a challenge. They require careful planning, and while you have likely put a lot of thought into choosing the right venue and getting the best caterer, you may have yet to think about portable restroom options. Although porta-potties offer a great portable bathroom solution, restroom trailers can be an even better alternative.

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What is a Restroom Trailer?

A restroom trailer is a portable bathroom facility that provides a temporary restroom option for outdoor weddings, film sets, construction sites, and other outdoor events. Many restroom trailers are available, including a wide range of sizes and features. 

What Makes a Restroom Trailer Different Than a Porta-Potty?

Although porta-potties and restroom trailers both provide the same service, they differ in their appearance, comfort, and convenience.

Porta-potties are single-stall portable units typically made out of plastic. They offer basic amenities, such as a non-flushable toilet and urinal, toilet paper dispenser, hand sanitizer, and non-motorized ventilation. Although strong chemicals are added to the storage tank to combat unpleasant odors, porta-potties can still have a foul smell.

Restroom trailers are equipped with additional amenities and higher-quality materials, making them look and feel more like an actual bathroom. Perhaps the best feature of restroom trailers is their flushable toilets that remove the waste from the unit and into a holding tank beneath the trailer floor. Attendees cannot see or smell the waste, making for a much more pleasant experience.

The Many Benefits of Restroom Trailers

Space –  At 43 inches deep and 43 inches wide, porta-potties can feel a bit cramped. Trailers offer much more space, with the average 2-unit trailer measuring about 8 feet deep and 12 feet wide and larger units measuring up to 20 feet wide.

Sinks, Vanities, and Mirrors – Luxury restroom trailers feature sinks with vanities that can be well-stocked for your guests. Some trailers come equipped with touchless faucets, which are more sanitary and use less water. Trailers also come with mirrors should attendees wish to freshen up their hair or makeup.

Soap and Water – While porta-potties only offer hand sanitizer, restroom trailers provide your guests or patrons with touchless soap dispensers, running hot and cold water, and paper towels for added hygiene.

Lighting – Luxury portable restroom trailers also feature interior and exterior lighting, making it safer and more convenient for your guests.

Electricity – Trailers can be hooked up to an electrical source if one is available at your venue. Should your chosen location not have a hook-up available, the trailer can be powered by a portable generator that can typically be supplied by the rental company.

Climate Control – Restroom trailers come equipped with air conditioning and heating, making your attendees even more comfortable. Climate control is especially critical if you are planning a winter or summer event.

Stereo System – To ensure guests are even more comfortable, many restroom trailers are equipped with stereo systems that offer AM/FM, Radio, USB & Bluetooth audio options.

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When you host an outdoor event, the possibilities are almost limitless! An outdoor venue offers a blank canvas where you can bring all of your creativity and dreams to life. But if you want to ensure your event is a success, you can’t forget the basics. The need for porta-potties is a reality, and although they are an effective solution for your guests and patrons’ bathroom needs, restroom trailers can provide a more comfortable and spacious alternative.

Whether you are planning a beautiful outdoor wedding or need temporary accommodations for a movie set or construction site, Showbiz Restrooms has the solution. Our company provides restroom trailers to the Southern California area that are not only clean and luxurious but are also convenient and affordable. With our great prices, optional same-day delivery, convenient telephone support, and easy online ordering, we ensure you will be completely satisfied with our products and service. Contact us online or call (818) 925-5544 today to learn more about our Los Angeles luxury restroom trailer rentals.