How to Avoid Common Complaints from Festival Goers

With millions of people attending festivals nationwide each year, it is no surprise that there are countless horror stories about the facilities or lack thereof. Festival-goers are often dismayed by the unsanitary conditions of the porta-potties, but it doesn’t have to be the case. There are clean, accessible alternatives to suit any occasion.

At Showbiz Restrooms, we offer luxury portable restroom trailers for concerts and festivals. Our facilities are sanitary, fully-equipped, and affordable. Surprise your attendees with upgraded bathrooms that they won’t soon forget. Do not allow the restrooms at your festival to be the worst part of the event. Contact our office today to schedule a free estimate. 

What Are the Worst Parts of Festival Toilets?

If you ask any festival-goer what the worst part of the event was, they are probably going to say the porta-potties. Unfortunately, event planners and organizers often put facilities low on their priority list. They stick to the traditional portable restrooms that quickly fall into disrepair. Once a few dozen festival goers use them, they are next to impossible to enter without gagging. 

Worst parts of festival toilets:

  • Unclean
  • No faucets or soap dispensers
  • Lack of space
  • Limited supplies
  • No lights
  • No heat or air conditioning
  • Long lines

The combination of greasy food, alcohol, and sweat, make porta-potties a less than desirable option at a festival or concert. They are rarely cleaned despite hundreds of uses and do not offer amenities like touchless faucets and soap dispensers. There is never enough room to turn around and the smell can become unbearable. 

Are There Alternatives to Porta-Potties?

While porta-potties may be the norm, there are suitable alternatives that are both affordable and accommodating. At Showbiz Restrooms, we offer luxury restroom rentals in 2- and 4-stall units. The units are spacious, clean, and have a number of upgrades. They put sanitation and comfort first with touchless faucets and soap dispensers. 

The portable restroom trailers are fully stocked, ensuring your festival goers do not run out of supplies. They have lighting, heat, air conditioning, and are even equipped with Bluetooth speakers. Your festival-goers will be beyond pleased with the facilities making them have a more enjoyable experience all the way around. 

Get the Accommodations Your Attendees Deserve

Festival-goers shouldn’t have to worry about the latrines. They shouldn’t have to wear a mask just to avoid the pungent smell of a porta-potty or worry about contracting an illness from the unsanitary conditions. Give your attendees the clean, safe bathrooms they deserve. Rent a portable restroom trailer that meets your needs and surpasses your festival-goers’ expectations. Wow, them with a Showbiz Restroom rental today.

Holding an Event? Get a Free Estimate.

Are you holding an event in California or Las Vegas, Nevada? We can help you get the facilities for your festival-goers. Contact our office today to get a free estimate. Affordable luxury has never looked better. Get same-day delivery and pick-up services. Ordering is easy and can be done over the phone or online. We offer competitive pricing on all of our units!