Restroom Trailers are the Better Alternative for Your Event

Sometimes, the nature of an event calls for a restroom facility with more space and comfortability than a porta-potty. For example: an upscale wedding or a film set where many hours are spent on-site and the attendees need a comfortable place in private.

At Showbiz Restrooms, we can help you determine the ideal restroom trailer for your event. Our luxury portable restroom trailers come in multiple sizes to meet your needs. These state-of-the-art restrooms offer numerous upgrades in a spacious, clean environment. Select from 2- and 4-stall options perfect for weddings, concerts, construction sites, movie sets, and more.

For more information about our affordable portable restroom trailers, contact our office to speak with an experienced team member.

Cleaner and More to Offer

When your venue lacks adequate indoor restroom facilities or maybe has none at all, you must provide somewhere for everyone to go. Portable restrooms provide better aesthetics plus a much cleaner environment. Consider the following advantages your business or organization, along with your guess or employees will enjoy.

1. Larger Capacity

A porta-potty can only accommodate one person at a time, but luxury restroom trailers have a better square-foot ratio than individual porta-potties. We offer two-stall and four-stall restroom trailers that you can combine according to your needs for small and large events. Restroom trailer rentals are ideal for events where space is at a premium.

2. Roomier Interiors

Porta-potties are single-person structures, and if you need to take a child inside with you, it is near impossible. Similarly, people with mobility issues will also have difficulties. Certain events like weddings and parties may also require space before, during and after the event for guests to freshen up and change. Trailer restrooms have private stalls and separate washbasin areas where guests can prepare with ease.

3. Climate Control

Using a porta-potty is uncomfortable in certain types of weather. Climate control features in our restroom trails let you heat or cool the interior according to the weather so your guests can go in comfort.

4. Extra Features

In a porta-potty, you have access to a roll of toilet paper, a urinal, and an open hole with chemicals that are meant to deodorize the space. There is also usually an exterior wash stand with limited water and hand sanitizer. Indoor trailer restrooms have running water, sinks and individual stalls with flush toilets equipped with cloning valves to prevent odor buildup. These amenities are essential amenities for more formal occasions.

Restroom Trailers are Easy to Maintain

Showbiz portable restrooms are almost like permanent facilities that you would find in any building. In addition to private stalls, they feature hot and cold water, touchless faucets and soap dispensers, radio, USB and Bluetooth audio, large capacity fresh water and waste water tanks, plus indoor and outdoor lighting. We also offer 24-hour RV pumping services and septic tank removal from Monday through Friday.

Give Your Guests the Experience They Deserve

If you have an outdoor event or sporting event in Southern California or simply need a temporary toilet facility to accommodate employees and visitors during the remodeling of permanent restrooms, contact our office to learn more. We offer the extravagance you want at a price you can afford.