Interesting Facts About Portable Restrooms

What is your first reaction when seeing a porta-potty at a concert, sporting event, or party? You may or may not want to go near, but contemporary portable toilets are undeserving of their negative reputation. Today’s portable toilets have changed the game and are more sanitary than you think.

At Showbiz Restrooms, we can provide your event with luxury portable restroom trailers with various upgrades in a spacious, clean environment. Our portable restrooms are more than affordable; they come complete with amenities like sinks and flush toilets in private stalls. They’re ideal for all kinds of outdoor events like weddings, parties, concerts, movie sets and more.

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Porta-Potties are Cleaner Than Regular Restrooms

It’s a myth that porta-potties are less sanitary than regular public restrooms. The opposite is true, because they’re easier to clean and are often cleaned more frequently in busy environments to ensure their readiness for new guests. 

Sanitation and odor control are prime concerns when providing portable toilets for events. So now that we have put your mind at ease, consider these other interesting facts about portable restrooms.

They’re Good for the Environment

Unlike indoor restrooms, porta-potties need little water to operate, using up to 80% less water. They also efficiently contain human waste, which is taken to a treatment center and disposed of properly instead of ending up in drains and streams. On the other hand, sewer systems have a surprising amount of runoff that negatively affects wildlife and the environment.

They are Essential for Disaster Relief

In areas devastated by tornadoes, tropical storms, and earthquakes, running water is nonexistent, sometimes for months. If the water and sewer system is contaminated or no longer working, indoor toilet facilities are not an option. Displaced residents need portable toilets, as well as first responders, volunteers, cleanup workers, and more.

Porta-Potties Help Events Run Smoothly

Imagine a large outdoor event where you have to walk to find a toilet. Once you get there, the line is a mile long. The presence of porta-potties is invaluable to the success of an outdoor event. Porta-potties are well worth the price.

Porta-Potties Have Evolved to Luxury Status

The porta-potty industry has evolved over the decades,  because consumers demand a clean environment and outdoor events are not slowing down. Daily cleaning, emptying waste tanks, and odor control have made portable toilets unrecognizable from those of a few decades ago. Luxury portable restrooms are also now available, with mobile units including air conditioning and heating, running water, private stalls, and lights.

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